As women, we’re often told that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. But when it comes to blowing out candles, is there really a correct method? Let’s find out together, are you supposed to cover a candle after blowing it out? .

blowing out candle flame

Many people believe that blowing out a candle and then covering it with a glass is the best way to extinguish the flame

A widely-accepted way of extinguishing flames for candles is to blow them out, then cover with a glass. This method can be used on soy candles as well; soy wax holds the flame better and generally takes longer to put out after being blown because it cools slowly. However, with the traditional method of blowing out and covering with a glass, soy wax also extinguishes quickly without leaving any smoke. So, soy candle users can rest assured that their soy candles will remain well contained when extinguished with this common method.

However, this method can actually be dangerous, as it can cause the heat to build up and potentially break the glass

Using soy candles to create a warm, inviting atmosphere indoors can be an effective way to cozy up any space. However, soy candles are known for their efficient burning, and this could mean that the heat generated from them can quickly reach dangerous levels. If soy candles are left out in an enclosed area or near materials that could easily catch fire, the heat they generate could cause the glass container to break. To make certain that soy candle use is safe and enjoyable, users should always make sure to monitor their soy candle use and keep any burning candles away from flammable items. Being mindful of these safety measures can help ensure the continued enjoyment of soy candles without any incidents.

dipping fingers in water to put flame out

The safest way to blow out a candle is to first dip your finger in water and then use that wet finger to extinguish the flame

Blowing out a soy candle is the safest and healthiest way to extinguish the beautiful glow it has provided. To do this correctly, the best approach is to wet your finger with a bit of water and then use that damp finger to touch the wick. This ensures that the flame will not spark or sputter around, as well as having no bad contaminants released into the air from any aerosol cans. Doing this every time you finish burning soy candles will also help them last longer and burn evenly. You’ll have an easier time relighting your soy candles by using this method, which ultimately is healthier for your lungs in the long run. So, empower yourself and remember to always use water to blow out soy candles!

covering a candle with a glass jar

Once the flame is out, you can then cover the candle with a glass if you’d like

Creating soy candles is an empowering experience, from the moment you light that wick to the second your flame goes out. But the adventure doesn’t end there; once it’s extinguished, soy candles can be safely stored and reused in the future with some additional precautions. Nipping potential fires in the bud (literally!), simply place a glass atop your soy candle jar once its flame has been snuffed for extra peace of mind. You can even use unique or matching containers to give your soy candle set a personalized flair! With just one added step, you can ensure all of your soy candles keep burning—brightly and safely—for years to come.

Remember – safety first!

Look no further than soy candles to ensure your safety first! Soy candles are an increasingly popular choice when it comes to home illumination. They boast a long burn time and release fewer chemicals than traditional paraffin wax candles. That’s why soy candles are the safer and healthier option for your family and pets; no smoke and less soot, which help protect against indoor air pollution. Plus, soy candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents, allowing you to customize them exactly the way you want for a stylishly safe decor statement. So take comfort knowing that all soy candles provide a pleasant atmosphere – with safety always shining at the forefront!

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