Colorado Blue Spruce Soy Candle

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Introducing the Colorado Blue Spruce Soy Candle! Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting scents of the holiday season and create a warm and festive atmosphere for joyful moments with your loved ones. As you light this captivating candle, let its woody fragrances transport you to a winter wonderland, evoking the serene beauty of freshly cut Christmas trees in the snowy woods.

Imagine embarking on a winter hike to find the perfect Christmas tree. That’s exactly what the Blue Spruce fragrance captures—an experience that is more than just a traditional Douglas Fir scent. With its bright and punchy character, this fragrance truly embodies the spirit of the holiday season, bringing you a touch of magic and delight.

Infused with natural essential oils, including cedar, clove leaf, fir needle, western red cedar, spearmint leaf, and eucalyptus leaf, this candle is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Its 100% All Natural Soy Wax ensures a clean and eco-friendly burn, while the high-quality fragrance oils create a captivating scent that fills your space with joy.

Hand-poured into a 100% recyclable tin container, this candle is a perfect choice for those who value sustainability. The lead-free cotton wick guarantees a safe and clean burn, while the burn time varies from 10 to 40+ hours, providing you with hours of aromatic bliss.

Not only will this candle transform your home into a cozy sanctuary, but it also reflects your commitment to the environment. Phthalate-free and eco-friendly, it contributes to a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet. Once the candle is finished, you can easily clean out the tin container and either recycle or repurpose it, making it a sustainable choice.

Available in three sizes—16 oz, 8 oz, and 4 oz—our Colorado Blue Spruce Soy Candle is perfect for any room in your home. Whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom, or living room, its delightful fragrance will create a warm and inviting ambiance, filling the air with the spirit of the season.

Every candle is handmade with love and passion in our Colorado studio, ensuring that each piece is unique in texture and appearance. Embrace the variations, as they add to the charm and individuality of your candle. Rest assured that your candle was meticulously crafted to bring you joy and serenity.

Experience the magic of the holiday season with the Colorado Blue Spruce Soy Candle. Light up your space with the captivating scents of the winter woods, and let the festive atmosphere surround you and your loved ones. Add this delightful creation to your home and revel in the joy, relaxation, and love it brings.


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4 oz Tin, 8 oz Tin, 16 oz Tin

4 reviews for Colorado Blue Spruce Soy Candle

  1. Wess Morton

    I got this candle as a gift for a bunch of friends and they all loved it and said the scent was amazing!

  2. Chris

    Perfect gift for a friend in Colorado. She said it smells just like home.

  3. Jabberjill

    This gift was sent to California. They were happy with it and said it smelled wonderful.
    They received it in a timely manor for which I was grateful as I ordered it very close to Christmas.
    Thank you!

  4. Tina

    “This was a gift I sent to California. They were very happy with it an said it smelled wonderful.
    They received it timing manor which I was greatly for since I ordered it so close to Christmas. Thank you!”

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