Best Friends Soy Candle



Looking for an exquisite, lavish candle that exudes an enchanting aroma? Your search ends here with our exceptional Best Friends Soy Candle.

Immerse yourself in luxury with our Best Friends Soy Candle. Crafted using 100% soy wax and elegantly encased in an exquisite 8oz rose gold tin, this candle is a splendid addition to your living space. Experience pure bliss as the delightful fragrance of boysenberries, elderberries, strawberries, guava, and pomegranate, complemented by a gentle touch of vanilla, fills your surroundings.

Prepare to be enchanted by the captivating aroma of our soy wax candle, meticulously infused with the perfect blend of notes. The top notes of boysenberries and elderberries deliver a delightful burst of fruity freshness, while the middle notes of pomegranate, strawberries, and guava create a luscious and inviting bouquet. Finally, the base note of vanilla adds a warm and comforting essence, enveloping your space with a harmonious and irresistible fragrance. Experience the harmonious symphony of these exquisite notes in our soy wax candle and let your senses indulge in pure olfactory bliss.


– Top: Boysenberries, Elderberries
– Middle: Pomegranate, Strawberries, Guava
– Base: Vanilla

Size: 8 oz. Tin

An ideal present for mothers, daughters, and friends, indulge in the captivating scent of our Best Friends Soy Candle today!

Every Best Friends Soy Candle is meticulously handcrafted in our Colorado studio. We exclusively use premium fragrance oils, ensuring top-quality scents. Please note that the handmade nature of our products may result in slight variations in texture and appearance, enhancing their uniqueness. Rest assured, each candle is created with utmost care and infused with our passion for excellence.

Additional information

Weight 10.0 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in